Importance of Logo for a Particular Organization

The logo is an emblem or graphic mark which is used by various organizations, individuals and commercial enterprises. This is generally unique in nature as it represents a particular organization. Logo tells the work of the organization. It always gives an everlasting impression on the clients and customers. It also conveys the message of the brands.

As a new year begins, we look forward to new hopes and aspirations. Also, it brings new direction and way in the field of logo design. Therefore, ‘Logo Design Trends’ list is published every year. ‘Logo Design Trends 2017’list is being publishedby Designhill,which contains logo from top logo designers from all over the world.

Trending Logo Designs of 2017

Some of trends which may follow in this competition are literal minimalism, negative space, hand drawn, vintage, line art, moving parts, form simplification, stencil typography, framed text. Literal minimalism is used when logos are complex, bold and piled. This is dominating in the market for its simplicity. These minimal logos are p not only practical in nature, but also satisfy the purpose. These designs are also easy to understand by the customers.

Hand Drawn Logos

Hand drawn logos are mainly used by foods and drinks chain. This is because the business owners aim at making his/her business unique and self-governing. The hand drawn logos are inspired from chic and out of the box ideas.These logos symbolize charisma, warmth and credibility, which are very difficult to be found in designs drawn in computer. These logos are in demand as people prefer increased use of tone and color.

Negative space logos are based on dual imagery. Here, both positive and negative space competes between them to seek attention of customers. This is one of the most trending logo designing style of 2017.

Line Art

Line art involves drawing series lines with single color and designing a logo. The background also has a single the color but different from color of the lines. These types of logos are mainly used by organizations, who want to portray themselves as modern, funny and cool. Negative spacing can also be incorporated into line art.

Form simplification technique is used by people who are neat and sloppy. These designs are very simple and streamlined. A vintage logo always looks very nostalgic. These logos connect with customers who have strong memories and emotions connected to the past. These logos convey a sense of connectivity or credibility with the brand as well as customers.

Moving parts is one of the most unique designs which is dominating in the market. This is because it can be used as web based animated GIFs as well as logo designing in printed paper. Stencil typography can used to make logos of all sizes and forms. These logos are very catchy and visually attractive.

In framed text design, text is written within the frame. The frame can be circular, triangular, rectangular, etc. These logos grab the attention of customers very easily.A person should choose logo for his/her organization based on his /her choices. Logo Design Trends help one in choosing the logo easily.

Abhinav Raj Kondal

Abhinav Raj Kondal is Managing Director in Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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