The Most Important Things to Know About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as the name suggests is a form of marketing of products and services which utilizes digital channels to market. The advantage is that there are clear metrics or judging parameters to find out which digital marketing strategy is working out and which one isn’t.

It might be a surprise but email marketing remains on the fore front of digital marketing and there are varieties of emails that exist. The first example of email marketing is sending a welcome mail to a new subscriber. This mail might or might not contain a discount coupon or joining benefit. The second type of email is an anniversary email sent specifically to celebrate one year of client-company relationship. This email could also be sent on the customer’s birthday. Just like the welcome mail this could also contain a discount coupon of a gift card. There are many other kinds of emails which make customers go for impulse buying or have the customers buy products that they added to the cart but didn’t buy. Yes! A simple email when done right can be an effective marketing tool.

Another tool a digital marketing company uses is PPC or pay per click. In this form of advertising an ad is placed which appears on the page when a particular term is entered.

The next marketing device is a mobile application. Most of the companies these days have mobile apps and you can shop for your home decor or book your movie and flight tickets all with the help of a few clicks.

Another thing a digital marketing company does is to make sure existing customers are retained. Why that is so important is because it costs 10 times more to build a new customer partnership than what it takes to make existing customers happy.

Another form of marketing used by a digital marketing company is called cross sell. This means that if you are trying to sell a sofa set then you recommend related products to the customer such as sofa covers or may be even another piece of furniture such as a center table. This is advertised which is done by putting a “things bought together” section in a website.

Moving onto Facebook and Twitter most companies have a presence on these social networking sites and every like and share on Facebook is important just like every reply and mention on twitter. Interaction with customers is important and to that extent social media efforts cannot be ignored. Videos matter as well and YouTube has a great reach. Imagine the publicity if your video goes viral.

Last but not the least is SEO or search engine optimization, the customers or viewers should see your company’s name in top ten results when they run a search. It is partially true that when someone runs a search then they most often do not even look at the third page and onwards and companies that show up in the first two pages are contacted. The higher your ranking in a search result the better it is.

Abhinav Raj Kondal

Abhinav Raj Kondal is Managing Director in Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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