Top Trends in Website Design to be taken into Usage in 2017

As 2017 has already arrived, it is high time to look forward to prevent the year getting plagued in a casual manner. As a designer, you must be wondering about some of the best ways to define design this particular year. It was requested to all eminent designers to get into touch with some recent and updated trends for designing a particular website.

Top Website Design Trends to Follow in 2017

Below are some vital trends that have been provided by some eminent Chief Designer Officers for the perusal of designers:

Layouts letting content duly shine – It has been aptly remarked that the arrangement of design elements within a specified structure permits readers to focus on the message with ease. This also prevents the slowing down speed of reading. It is better to shift from skeuomorphic design towards flatter that is a highly minimalistic design approach.

It is expected that this conversation gets carried out for long along with looking forward to its becoming a highly productive dialogue.

Better collaboration – Better collaboration between designers and developers will definitely give rise to a fruitful result. Design has remained successful inn taking a greater and highly influential role. It has raised in part from massiveness of web along with mobile apps being developed nowadays.

On the front the collaboration between designer and developer demands focusing of lots of attention almost in all stages. It has been declared openly that design is the future of front-end development.

Enhanced flow of work from design to development – As design along with prototyping tools start gaining maturity along with sophistication, traditional hand-off has transformed itself from static to highly dynamic visualizations. They help in enhancing agility of design and developer team thus lowering frustration rate.

Better communication with clients is also facilitated. Through active live working sessions, designers may bring ideas to life so that it may be easily experienced by all.

Big and bold type – As the design world comes towards the consensus that focus must be on content, big and bold type of copy set is duly preferred. It helps in dedicating significant screen real estate to a simple an all-encompassing statement regarding product and service. Designing of the impossible must be duly granted.

In a fast cum busy and information overloaded world, we definitely require concise but highly powerful statements. Such statements prove to be bread and butter for almost all types of companies.

More number of SVGs – Scalable vector graphics have remained successful in presenting web designers and developers with numerous advantages over traditional formats of images. Rather than being raster and pixel based, they are composed of vectors. As a result they look appreciably great on screen on any sort of device.

SVGs have also been reported to rock as they do not demand HTTP requests. Such requests have been reported to slow down the website. The same is not in case of SVGs. Even they can be animated with ease.

These are some of the trends regarding website designing that need to be followed in 2017 for optimization.

Abhinav Raj Kondal

Abhinav Raj Kondal is Managing Director in Ameliorate Corporate Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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